Kufra Reise von Tripolis nach der Oase Kufra

  title={Kufra Reise von Tripolis nach der Oase Kufra},
  author={Gerhard Rohlfs and Paul Friedrich August Ascherson},
THIS new volume of travels by Dr. Gerhard Rohlfs is a valuable contribution to a knowledge of the southern parts of the Vilayet of Tripolis and of the Lybian Desert. In December 1878, Herr Rohlfs, accompanied by Dr. Stecker, started from Tripoli, and soon reached the interesting oasis of Djofra, or Sokna, already known from the travels of many Europeans. Thence he proceeded east-south-east to Aujila, crossing the formerly quite unknown tracts of the sandy and stony deserts situated at the north… 
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