Kruppel-like factor 2 (KLF2) regulates endothelial thrombotic function.

  title={Kruppel-like factor 2 (KLF2) regulates endothelial thrombotic function.},
  author={Zhiyong Lin and Ajay Kumar and Sucharita Senbanerjee and Kristine E Staniszewski and Kush Parmar and Douglas E. Vaughan and Michael A. Gimbrone and Viji Balasubramanian and Guillermo Garc{\'i}a-Carde{\~n}a and Mukesh K Jain},
  journal={Circulation research},
  volume={96 5},
The vascular endothelium maintains blood fluidity by inhibiting blood coagulation, inhibiting platelet aggregation, and promoting fibrinolysis. Endothelial cells lose these nonthrombogenic properties on exposure to proinflammatory stimuli. We recently identified the Kruppel-like factor KLF2 as a novel regulator of endothelial proinflammatory activation. Here it is found that KLF2 differentially regulates key factors involved in maintaining an antithrombotic endothelial surface. Overexpression… CONTINUE READING


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