Kritik der Urteilskraft

  title={Kritik der Urteilskraft},
  author={Immanuel Kant and K. Vorl{\"a}nder},
Analogical reflection as a source for the science of life: Kant and the possibility of the biological sciences.
  • Dalia T. Nassar
  • Philosophy, Medicine
  • Studies in history and philosophy of science
  • 2016
It is argued that although Kant's explicit statement was that biology could not be a science, his implicit and more fundamental claim was that the study of living beings necessitates a distinctive mode of thought, a mode that is essentially analogical. Expand
The metaphor of epigenesis: Kant, Blumenbach and Herder.
It is argued that Kant adopted this specific epigenetic model as a result of his dispute with Herder regarding the independence of reason from nature, and that Blumenbach's conception of epigenesis and his separation of a domain of the living from the non-living lent Kant the tools to demarcate metaphysics, and to guard reason against Herder's attempts to naturalize it. Expand
The ‘beautiful’ in information: thoughts about visual literacy and aesthetics
Abstract Many agencies have promulgated standards for visual literacy. These groups include libraries, museums, computer science and graphic designers. The implementation of these standards tends toExpand
Comparative studies in visual pattern processing
Diese Dissertation befasst sich mit empirischer Asthetik, in diesem Fall der Erforschung von visueller Wahrnehmung und Herstellung von abstrakten geometrischen Mustern. Geometrische Muster haben eineExpand
Can we measure beauty? Computational evaluation of coral reef aesthetics
A standardized computational approach based on 109 visual features designed to evaluate the aesthetic appearance of art of coral reef environments provides a cost efficient monitoring tool that targets one of the most important socioeconomic values of coral reefs directly tied to revenue for its local population. Expand
Dooyeweerd's philosophy entails no support for Apartheid whatsoever
In an article on Afrikaner nationalism, apartheid and the perversion of critique, Rene Eloff argues that E.A. Venter and H.J. Strauss drew upon the philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd to justify separateExpand
Beyond rule; trust and power as capacities
Taking an approach that avoids comprehending power and trust as entities to be studied apart, the article insists on elucidating trust and power as they are enacted in their intimate and delicateExpand
Images of the North, Sublime Nature, and a Pioneering Icelandic Nation
This article sheds light on the issue of national identity as related to the Tourist Association of Iceland, which was founded near the end of the 1920s. Written Association sources illustrate howExpand
Local institutionalization, discontinuity, and German textbooks of psychology, 1816-1854.
  • T. Teo
  • Sociology, Medicine
  • Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences
  • 2007
The textbooks, representative of influence, philosophical-psychological orientations, and different decades in the first half of the nineteenth century, are reconstructed with regard to the definition of psychology, the ways of studying the soul, and how to conceptually organize the field. Expand