Krit1 modulates beta 1-integrin-mediated endothelial cell proliferation.

  title={Krit1 modulates beta 1-integrin-mediated endothelial cell proliferation.},
  author={Jun Zhang and Sharmila Basu and D. Rigamonti and Harry C Dietz and Richard Clatterbuck},
  volume={63 3},
  pages={571-8; discussion 578}
OBJECTIVE Using ribonucleic acid interference on cultured cell lines, we examined the role of Krev interaction trapped 1 (krit1) and integrin cytoplasmic domain-associated protein-1 alpha (icap1alpha) in beta1-integrin-mediated cell proliferation. METHODS Upon depletion of either krit1 or icap1alpha in the HeLa cells, umbilical vein endothelial cells, and microvascular endothelial cells, we examined the cell number and proliferation changes in the cells, followed by the evaluation of beta1… CONTINUE READING
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