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Kristjan Vedel Eclipse-based IDE for the Agda Programming Language

  title={Kristjan Vedel Eclipse-based IDE for the Agda Programming Language},
  author={Kristjan Vedel and Aivar Annamaa and C. Laur},



Creation of an Eclipse-based IDE for the D programming language

This document explores the issues and techniques concerning the creation of language IDEs with rich semantic features, based on the Eclipse Platform, while at the same time describing the development of one such IDE implementation for the D programming language.

Type Systems

A Tool for Automated Theorem Proving in Agda

A tool for automated theorem proving in Agda, an implementation of Martin-Lof's intuitionistic type theory, intended to facilitate interactive proving by relieving the user from filling in simple but tedious parts of a proof.

Experience report: building an eclipse-based IDE for Haskell

This paper summarizes experiences from an open source project that builds a free Haskell IDE based on Eclipse (an open source IDE platform). Eclipse is extensible and has proved to be a good basis

Syntax and semantics of dependent types

In this chapter we fix a particular syntax for a dependently typed calculus and define an abstract notion of model as well as a general interpretation function mapping syntactical objects to entities

Integrating an Automated Theorem Prover into Agda

This work shows how Agda can be enhanced by integrating external automated theorem provers, provides a prototypical integration of the equational theorem prover Waldmeister, and gives examples of how this proof automation works in practice.

Towards a practical programming language based on dependent type theory

This thesis is concerned with bridging the gap between the theoretical presentations of type theory and the requirements on a practical programming language.

Accelerating the creation of customized, language-Specific IDEs in Eclipse

An extensible IDE architecture is demonstrated that embodies an open, semi-automated strategy to IDE development that can be used to produce customized IDEs, with a moderate amount of effort, for a variety of interesting languages.

Proof General / Eclipse: A Generic Interface for Interactive Proof

PG/Eclipse is introduced; a sophisticated new interface for interactive theorem provers, offering users a rich set of proof development tools, based upon two complementary frameworks, to define a clear separation between provers and interfaces, and to translate programming development tools to a theorem proving environment.