Kramers-Wannier dualities for WZW theories and minimal models

  title={Kramers-Wannier dualities for WZW theories and minimal models},
  author={Christoph Schweigert and Efrossini Tsouchnika},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Theory},
We study Kramers-Wannier dualities for Wess-Zumino-Witten theories and (super-)minimal models in the Cardy case, i.e. the case with bulk partition function given by charge conjugation. Using the TFT approach to full rational conformal field theories, we classify those dualities that preserve all chiral symmetries. Dualities turn out to exist for small levels only. 

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Kramers-Wannier dualities via symmetries.

  • P. Ruelle
  • Mathematics
    Physical review letters
  • 2005
This work shows that kramers-Wannier dualities in lattice models can be found directly and explicitly from the symmetry transformations of the boundary states in the underlying conformal field theory.

Kramers-wannier duality from conformal defects.

We demonstrate that the fusion algebra of conformal defects of a two-dimensional conformal field theory contains information about the internal symmetries of the theory and allows one to read off


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