Krachi wh- In-Situ: A Question of Prosody

  • Jason Kandybowicz, Harold Torrence
  • Published 2011


(2) a. N ̩se ɛ-mò bwatéo? who AGR-kill.PST chicken ‘Who slaughtered the chicken?’ b. ɔʧɪẃ ɛ-mò ne? woman AGR-kill.PST what ‘What did the woman slaughter?’ c. ɔʧɪẃ ɛ-mò bwatéo n ̩frɛ́/kɛmekɛ ê/nɛnɛ? woman AGR-kill.PST chicken where/when/how ‘Where/when/how did the woman slaughter the chicken?’ d. *ɔʧɪẃ ɛ-mò bwatéo nání? woman AGR-kill.PST chicken why e. Nán… (More)

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