Kr83m calibration of the 2013 LUX dark matter search

  title={Kr83m calibration of the 2013 LUX dark matter search},
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Author(s): Akerib, DS; Alsum, S; Araujo, HM; Bai, X; Bailey, AJ; Balajthy, J; Beltrame, P; Bernard, EP; Bernstein, A; Biesiadzinski, TP; Boulton, EM; Bras, P; Byram, D; Cahn, SB; Carmona-Benitez, MC; Chan, C; Currie, A; Cutter, JE; Davison, TJR; Dobi, A; Druszkiewicz, E; Edwards, BN; Fallon, SR; Fan, A; Fiorucci, S; Gaitskell, RJ; Genovesi, J; Ghag, C; Gilchriese, MGD; Hall, CR; Hanhardt, M; Haselschwardt, SJ; Hertel, SA; Hogan, DP; Horn, M; Huang, DQ; Ignarra, CM; Jacobsen, RG; Ji, W; Kamdin… Expand
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