Kosovo mining, metallurgy, and politics: Eight centuries of perspective

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Zarife Bajraktari-Gashi1, orcid.org/0000­0003­4770­0664 , Muharrem Zabeli1, orcid.org/0000­0001­6712­0005, Erard Morina2, orcid.org/0000­0003­3799­6836 1 – University “Isa Boletin” of Mitrovica,

Advanced Photogrammetric Modeling of Dranoc Kullas Using Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems

This chapter discusses Kosovo’s history, geography, equipment, and workflow, as well as some of the techniques used to map the country.

Kosovo Case Study: Lignite Coal - Energy of the Past, Coalbed Methane Extraction - Energy of the Future

Kosovo’s largest energy asset, lignite coal, is also its primary detrimental reason to health and environmental issues. Ever since the Dardanian country declared independence in 2008, and even prior,

Exceptionally high levels of lead pollution in the Balkans from the Early Bronze Age to the Industrial Revolution

A detailed record of historical lead (Pb) pollution from a peat bog in Serbia provides an alternative view on the history of mineral exploitation in Europe, with metal-related pollution not ceasing at the fall of the western Roman Empire, as was the case in western Europe.

Eulex's Performance of Its Executive Judicial Functions

The paper reviews the performance of the largest mission ever deployed by the European Union. Named ‘EULEX Kosovo’ (Eulex), it was deployed after Kosovo declared independence, in 2008, and its

Analysis on Recycling Potential of Copper in Japan

In this paper, recycling potential of copper was analyzed by using a dynamic material flow analysis and a material pinch analysis. In the dynamic material flow analysis, the amount of copper stock in

Dynamic analysis on material balance of copper and copper-alloy scraps in Japan

The recovery of metal scrap for recycling contributes to the conservation of natural resources and the construction of a sound material cycle. A dynamic material (substance) flow analysis is useful



Despite Nationalist Conflicts: Theory and Practice of Maintaining World Peace

Preface International Relations, Nationalism, and Territorial Revisions Theoretical Framework: Coercing Imperialists and Accommodating Consolidationists Bismarck and German Unification Bosnia and the