Koryŏ's Trade with the Outer World

  title={Koryŏ's Trade with the Outer World},
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During the Koryŏ period (918–1392), the Korean peninsula witnessed vibrant merchant activity, foreign and domestic ones alike. Not only Chinese but also Central and West Asian merchants came to the peninsula, while Koryŏ merchants visited China-based dynasties and cultivated relationships with merchants from regions beyond China. In the first half of the dynasty, especially during the eleventh and twelfth centuries, Song merchants frequently visited Koryŏ, while Koryŏ merchants expanded their… 
Mapping the history of sailing
A chronological worldwide map of sailing history is presented, emphasizing when sailing as a technology/activity appeared for the first time in each coast of the world, due to local invention,


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Indian scholar Tansen Sen also described him as an
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