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Korsch in Spain

  title={Korsch in Spain},
  author={Paul Piccone and Karl Korsch},
That a scholarly anthology dealing with the work of Karl Korsch could be published in Spain under present conditions of dictatorship is a politically significant event foreshadowing future explosive developments in the Iberian pennisula. In fact, nothing comparable is available even in the Englishspeaking world.(1) notwithstanding a certain revival of interest in Hegelian Marxism in the wake of the politicization resulting from the opposition to the Vietnam war and the rise of the New Left in… 



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Stichworte : kritische Modelle 2

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For reasons Whl~~ I have elaborated elsewhere, however, Lukacs ended up recuperaung the whole Leninist problematic within the Hegelian Marxist model, whereas Gramsci was able to avoid such an outcome

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