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Kornfeinung von Reinstkupfer durch Chemische Zusaetze, Teil 1

  title={Kornfeinung von Reinstkupfer durch Chemische Zusaetze, Teil 1},
  author={Winfried Reif},
  • W. Reif
  • Published 1 November 1993
  • Materials Science
  • Metall
The paper deals with the possibilities of grain refinement of superpure copper by additions of elements of the groups IIa through VIIIa an IIb through VIb of the periodic table as well as iron as cerium. Effects of addition rate of grain refiners, melt temperature and cooling rate on the grain size were studied. A fully equiaxial structure can be obtained at low pouring temperatures and high cooling rates. Most elements of the groups IIIb through VIb, especially S, Se and Te, have the strongest… 

Effects of Superheat and Solute Additions on the Grain Size in Binary Copper Alloys

By utilizing data from the literature, we examine the effects of superheat and solute additions on the grain size (as measured by columnar grain length) in binary copper alloys. Our investigation

Grain Refinement of Deoxidized Copper

This study reports the current status of grain refinement of copper accompanied in particular by a critical appraisal of grain refinement of phosphorus-deoxidized, high residual P (DHP) copper

Grain refinement of DHP copper by elemental additions

Abstract The effects of additions of P and Ag, as well as the de-embrittling elements of copper—B, Mg, Ca, Ti and Zr—in concentrations of 0.085–0.5 wt-% to give some variations in contents within and

The Role of Dilute Solute Additions on Growth Restriction in Cu-, Al-, Mg- and Ti-Based Alloys

The effect of dilute solute additions on growth restriction in Cu-, Al-, Mg- and Ti-based binary and ternary alloys was assessed by means of the heuristic growth restriction parameter (β) modelling

Grain refinement of DHP copper by particle inoculation

Abstract The viability of grain refining phosphorus deoxidised, high residual phosphorus Cu (DHP-Cu) by particle inoculation through the formation of in situ Zr, Ti, Nb, La, Ce, Gd and Nd oxide