Korah in the Midrash: The Hairless Heretic as Hero

  title={Korah in the Midrash: The Hairless Heretic as Hero},
  author={David Biale},
  journal={Jewish History},
Perhaps the least likely hero in the Bible is Korah, the Levite who challenges Moses’s leadership in Numbers 16 and whom later tradition regarded as an archvillain. This article examines how the rabbinic, Christian, and Islamic traditions appropriated this figure and turned him, if not into a full-fledged hero, then at least into a kind of trickster whose challenge to Moses reinforces the authority of Orthodox tradition. An example of this transmutation is the way rabbinic Midrash turns Korah… 
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Über den Anfang von Walter Benjamins Aufsatz „Zur Kritik der Gewalt“ anlässlich des hundertjährigen Jubiläums seiner Veröffentlichung

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