Konstitutionsaufklärung und Synthese von Psilocybin

  title={Konstitutionsaufkl{\"a}rung und Synthese von Psilocybin},
  author={Anne Hofmann and Albert Frey and Hans J{\"u}rgen Ott and Th. Petrzilka and Franz Troxler},
The structure of Psilocybin, the psychotropic active principle of the Mexican mushroomPsilocybe mexicana Heim, has been elucidated. Psilocybin is the phosphoric acid ester of 4-hydroxy-dimethyltryptamine. This structure was confirmed by total synthesis. 
Apotential role for psilocybin in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder
Although the current evidence is limited, that multiple signals point in directions consistent with treatment potential, alongside the psychological and physiological safety of clinically administered psilocybin, support the expansion of research, both in animal models and in further randomized controlled trials, to properly investigate this potential.
Development of a Psychotherapeutic Model for Psilocybin-Assisted Treatment of Alcoholism
An overview of the history of psychedelic-assisted treatment is provided, what is known about the therapeutic mechanisms of these treatments are reviewed, and the various purposes of psychotherapy in the context of both research and clinical use are considered.
Therapeutic Applications of Classic Hallucinogens.
This chapter reviews what is known about the therapeutic uses of the serotonergic or classic hallucinogens, i.e., psychoactive drugs such as LSD and psilocybin that exert their effects primarily
Psilocybin, a Naturally Occurring Indoleamine Compound, Could Be Useful to Prevent Suicidal Behaviors
A framework to understand the basis for psilocybin use in individuals who are at risk of suicidal behaviors is presented and calls for clinical studies are called for.
Classic hallucinogens in the treatment of addictions F
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Classic hallucinogens in the treatment of addictions
Drug-drug interactions between psychiatric medications and MDMA or psilocybin: a systematic review.
This systematic review offers a compilation of existing research on psychiatric drug-drug interactions with MDMA or psilocybin and focuses on pharmacodynamic, physiological, and subjective outcomes of drug- drug interactions.
5-HT2A mediated plasticity as a target in major depression: a narrative review connecting the dots from neurobiology to cognition and psychology
It is suggested that BDNF overexpression resulting from mTOR activation mediates both structural and functional plasticity, resulting in connectivity changes among high-level cognitive networks such as the Default Mode Network, finally leading to an increased and long-lasting psychological flexibility.
DARK Classics in Chemical Neuroscience: Psilocybin.
Preliminary studies with psilocybin have shown promise as potential for the treatment of obsessive compulsive disorder, alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction, and major depressive disorder, and thetreatment of depression in terminally ill cancer patients.