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Kolttain mailta : kansatieteellisiä kuvauksia Kuollan-Lapista

  title={Kolttain mailta : kansatieteellisi{\"a} kuvauksia Kuollan-Lapista},
  author={S. Paulaharju}
Archaeological ethnography of an indigenous movement: Revitalization and production in a Skolt Sámi community
Indigenous social movements contest histories of relocation, assimilation, and inequality. Archaeologists too have identified such processes in recent and deeper time. But what can ongoing sites ofExpand
Historical Skolt Sami Music and Two Types of Melodic Structures in Leu′dd Tradition
The Sami are an indigenous people living in Scandinavia, northern Fennoscandia, and the Kola Peninsula. The land of the Sami is located on the territories of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. DueExpand
Lithic raw material diversification as an adaptive strategy—Technology, mobility, and site structure in Late Mesolithic northernmost Europe
Abstract Formal technologies and intensified reduction are often seen as responses to increased mobility and low abundance of lithic raw material of good flakeability and controllability. AlthoughExpand
Indigenous Women in Traditional Economies: The Case of Sámi Reindeer Herding
  • R. Kuokkanen
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2009
References Bodenhorn, Barbara. 1990. “‘I’m Not the Great Hunter, My Wife Is’: Inupiat and Anthropological Models of Gender.” Inuit Studies 14(1–2):55–74. Frink, Lisa. 2002. “Fish Tales: Women andExpand
Crystals of schoolchildren's well-being : cross-border training material for promoting psychosocial well-being through school education
Crystals of Schoolchildren's Well-Being is an investigative experiment carried out in four countries, involving a topic that is very much of this time, and very global. Children's behaviour at homeExpand
The first subgroup contains three recorded stories, but as one of the recorded extracts is far too short to analyse, we can only speak of two quoted variants from the Imandra region, and even thenExpand
  • 1973
AMNELL, G. PALO, J. and VARILO, E.: The epidemiology of mental deficiency in Finland. International Copenhagen Congress on the Scientific Study of Mental Retardation. 1964. ANASTASI, A. :Expand