Kolloquium der Arbeitsgruppe der O.I.L.B. «Populations Dynamik und Biologische Bekämpfung des Kartoffelkäfers»

  title={Kolloquium der Arbeitsgruppe der O.I.L.B. «Populations Dynamik und Biologische Bek{\"a}mpfung des Kartoffelk{\"a}fers»},
  author={J. Franz},
  • J. Franz
  • Published 2006
  • Biology
  • Entomophaga
S tand der Ans ied lung von Perilhts bioculatus (Heteroptera, Pentatomi&le) in Belgien, der Slowakei, Polen und Ungarn ; Generat ionszyklus in Belgien, der Slowakei, U d S S R und I ta l ien ; Verhal tenss tudien beim K a m p f yon Ri iuber und Beute ; verbesser te Teehnik der Massenzueht, z.B. du tch Verwendung tiefgefrorener Puppen ; natfir l iehe Fe inde der R a u b w a n z e ; Wirkungsgrad yon P. bioculatus in Abhi ingigkei t yon der Popula t ionsdiehte . 
Populationsdynamische Wirkung vonPerillus bioculatus (Fabr.) [Het. pentatomidae] auf den Kartoffelkäfer
An experiment to test which population density of the predator could lead to economic success and show that even during a heavy infestation by the beetle, at a density of two adults per young potato plant, 2,6 L2–4 of P. bioculatus per plant would be sufficient to suppress the pest perfectly. Expand
The Introduction of Perillus bioculatus into Europe to Control the Colorado Beetle
The main results of studies carried out during the last two decades on the ecology, behaviour and cultural enemies of the predator as well as on its practical use are reviewed. Expand
Electroantennogram Responses of a Predator, Perillus bioculatus, and its Prey, Leptinotarsa decemlineata, to Plant Volatiles
Behavior tests revealed that the two-spotted stinkbug is attracted to potato plants, Solanum tuberosum L. (Solanaceae), infested by the CPB, and the stinkburg was more sensitive to 2-phenylethanol, β-caryophyllene, (R)-(+)-limonene, and decanal. Expand