Kolakowski's Anti-Marx

  title={Kolakowski's Anti-Marx},
  author={Ralph Miliband},
  journal={Political Studies},
  pages={115 - 122}
L E S Z E K K O L A K O W S K I describes his history of Marxist thought as a ‘handbook’, but the description is not very accurate. His three volumes d o provide a remarkably comprehensive survey of the writings which have contributed to form the ‘main currents’ of Marxism. But a handbook is supposed to be an explanatory guide, in which the author’s opinions do not obtrude too insistently. Kolakowski could not have written such a book, on this subject. He is much too deeply engaged; and his… 


Critique of the Gotha Program

The great significance of Marx's explanation is, that here too, he consistently applies materialist dialectics, the theory of development, and regards communism as something which develops out of