Kojima-1Lb Is a Mildly Cold Neptune around the Brightest Microlensing Host Star

  title={Kojima-1Lb Is a Mildly Cold Neptune around the Brightest Microlensing Host Star},
  author={A. Fukui and D. Suzuki and N. Koshimoto and E. Bachelet and T. Vanmunster and D. Storey and H. Maehara and K. Yanagisawa and T. Yamada and A. Yonehara and T. Hirano and D. Bennett and V. Bozza and D. Mawet and M. Penny and S. Awiphan and A. Oksanen and T. M. Heintz and T. Oberst and V. S. B{\'e}jar and N. Casasayas-Barris and G. Chen and N. Crouzet and D. Hidalgo and P. Klagyivik and F. Murgas and N. Narita and E. Pall'e and H. Parviainen and N. Watanabe and N. Kusakabe and M. Mori and Y. Terada and J. Leon and A. Hernandez and R. Luque and M. Monelli and P. Monta{\~n}{\'e}s-Rodrı́guez and J. Prieto-arranz and K. Murata and S. Shugarov and Y. Kubota and C. Otsuki and A. Shionoya and T. Nishiumi and A. Nishide and M. Fukagawa and K. Onodera and S. Villanueva and R. Street and Y. Tsapras and M. Hundertmark and M. Kuzuhara and M. Fujita and C. Beichman and J-P. Beaulieu and R. Alonso and D. Kawai and M. Tamura},
  journal={The Astronomical Journal},
  • A. Fukui, D. Suzuki, +56 authors M. Tamura
  • Published 2019
  • Physics
  • The Astronomical Journal
  • We report the analysis of additional multiband photometry and spectroscopy and new adaptive optics (AO) imaging of the nearby planetary microlensing event TCP J05074264+2447555 (Kojima-1), which was discovered toward the Galactic anticenter in 2017 (Nucita et al.). We confirm the planetary nature of the light-curve anomaly around the peak while finding no additional planetary feature in this event. We also confirm the presence of apparent blending flux and the absence of significant parallax… CONTINUE READING
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