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Kohler-Jobin meets Ehrhard: the sharp lower bound for the Gaussian principal frequency while the Gaussian torsional rigidity is fixed, via rearrangements

  title={Kohler-Jobin meets Ehrhard: the sharp lower bound for the Gaussian principal frequency while the Gaussian torsional rigidity is fixed, via rearrangements},
  author={Orli Herscovici and Galyna V. Livshyts},
Abstract. In this note, we provide an adaptation of the Kohler-Jobin rearrangement technique to the setting of the Gauss space. As a result, we prove the Gaussian analogue of the Kohler-Jobin’s resolution of a conjecture of PólyaSzegö: when the Gaussian torsional rigidity of a (convex) domain is fixed, the Gaussian principal frequency is minimized for the half-space. At the core of this rearrangement technique is the idea of considering a “modified” torsional rigidity, with respect to a given… 


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