Knowns and Unknowns

  title={Knowns and Unknowns},
  author={Lorraine P. Sheridan and Eric Blaauw and Graham M Davies},
The current work reviews literature on the nature of stalking. Despite its nebulous nature and differing legal and clinical definitions of stalking, researchers and practitioners are referring to the same phenomenon. Stalking is chronic, consisting of a number of nuisance behaviors that appear consistent over countries and samples. Different categorizations of stalkers and their victims exist, but ex-partner stalkers are a distinctive category with respect to their prevalence, violence risk… 
Gender Differences, Family and Psychological Factors Affecting School Performance in Greek Secondary School Students
High rates of school failure have been reported for secondary school students, with boys presenting more schooling difficulties. The aim of this study was to investigate the association between
Socioeconomic disadvantage and disease-specific mortality in Asia: systematic review with meta-analysis of population-based cohort studies
Conclusions Concordant with findings from Western societies, socioeconomic disadvantage is associated with total and cause-specific mortality in Asia.
Redefinition of Successful Treatment of Patients With Hypothyroidism. Is TSH the Best Biomarker of Euthyroidism?
The recent evidence suggests that treatment of hypothyroxinemia, regardless of the TSH level, and monitoring therapy using FT4 and/or triiodothyronine levels, depending on the replacement regime, may result in more successful treatment of Hypothyroidism than relying on thyrotropin levels for patient selection and subsequent treatment monitoring.
Age-Specific Transmissibility Change of COVID-19 and Associations With Breathing Air Volume, Preexisting Immunity, and Government Response
The volume of breathing air may be a notable factor contributing to the infectivity of CO VID-19 among different age groups of patients and the varied preexisting greatly shape the transmission of COVID-19 at different periods of pandemic among differentAge groups of people.
Cadmium or cadmium compounds and chronic kidney disease in workers and the general population: a systematic review
A qualitative systematic review of epidemiological studies linking Cd exposure and risk of progression to chronic kidney disease (CKD) does not support the contention that human exposure to Cd leads to progressive CKD.
'Obviously It's Worth It': The Value of Being a Canadian Student Athlete in the U.S.A.
Each year, young, elite Canadian athletes travel south to a end American colleges and universities, funded in part by athletic scholarships. These ‘student athletes’ leave their home country to
Thyroid disease in pregnancy: new insights in diagnosis and clinical management
An overview of the current views on thyroid physiology during pregnancy is provided and strategies to identify high-risk individuals who might benefit from levothyroxine treatment are discussed.
The Burden of Progressive-Fibrosing Interstitial Lung Diseases
It is indicated that PF-ILD places a considerable humanistic burden on both patients and caregivers, and a substantial economic burden on healthcare systems, patients, and society.
Comparison of the Impact of Zika and Dengue Virus Infection, and Other Acute Illnesses of Unidentified Origin on Cognitive Functions in a Prospective Cohort in Chiapas Mexico
The results show a decrease in cognitive function during acute illness and provides no evidence to support the hypothesis that Zika might cause neurocognitive alterations longer than the period of acute infection or different to other infectious diseases.


Stalking Perceptions and Prevalence
This article aims to clarify two issues relating to stalking: how potential victims perceive the crime and the prevalence of stalking and stalking-related acts among the British female population.
The tactical face of stalking
Study of stalkers.
Stalkers have a range of motivations, from reasserting power over a partner who rejected them to the quest for a loving relationship, and all have the capacity to frighten and distress their victims.
Same-gender stalking.
The findings from a clinical study of 29 same-gender stalking cases that were referred to a forensic psychiatry center are presented, and the demographic characteristics, behavior, motivations, and psychopathology of same- gender stalkers are compared with a sample of 134 opposite-gender stalkers.
The impact of stalkers on their victims
The study indicates the extent of the social and psychological damage sustained by those subjected to persistent stalking, and underlines the inadequacy of the current legal and medical responses to the needs of these victims.
Stalking – a contemporary challenge for forensic and clinical psychiatry
Stalkers are best thought of as a heterogeneous group whose behaviour can be motivated by different forms of psychopathology, including psychosis and severe personality disorders, as well as the psychological consequences for victims of stalking.
A descriptive study of child and adolescent obsessional followers.
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Some differences may exist between juvenile and adult stalking offenders, and the most common methods of stalking were physical approach, telephone calls, and letter writing.
Stalkers and other obsessional types: a review and forensic psychological typology of those who stalk.
Prevalence and health consequences of stalking--Louisiana, 1998-1999.
To gather population-based surveillance data on stalking and other forms of interpersonal violence, the Louisiana Office of Public Health conducted a random-digit–dialed telephone survey among residents regarding experiences and perceptions related to safety and violence.