Knowledge regarding human sexuality among adolescent girls

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The Effect Of Sex Education On Adolescents' Sexual Behaviour Among Senior Secondary Schools Students

ABSTRACT:The study investigated on the effect of sex education on adolescents' sexual behaviour among senior secondary school students in Sunyani municipality. The study utilizes a descriptive survey

Impact of participation in HIV/Aids awareness programmes among adolescent children of HIV parents

The results showed that nearly half of the respondents had not participated in the HIV/AIDS awareness programmes and a greater proportion had only moderate level of sexual awareness.

Knowledge and awareness regarding menstruation and HIV/AIDS among schoolgoing adolescent girls

A comprehensive health education programme involving mothers is required to remove various misconceptions and taboos associated with menstruation and make it a pleasant experience for adolescent girls.

Awareness of Technical School Adolescent Students Regarding Aids / HIV in Tanta City, Egypt; (A Comparative Male and Female Study)

Lack of awareness and misconceptions about HIV/ AIDS are commonly among technical school adolescent students in Tanta city and HIV/AIDS information, education and communication activities need to be intensified in secondary technical schools.

Self-Reported Psychosexual Lifestyles of University Students in Southwestern Nigeria: Implication for Professional Counselling Practice

Human sexuality is generally described as the sum total of manner through which people experience and articulate their sexual sensation. Consequent upon the fact that interest in sexual engagement

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Reproductive Health among Urban and Rural Girls: A Comparative Study

Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice regarding reproductive health among 200 school girls in the age 15-19 years from rural and urban settings of Jaipur showed majority girls had several taboos, regarding reproductivehealth.


Información sexual de los adolescentes según sexo

The lack of knowledge of the girls especially about the age at which males and females become able to procreate may be related to the problem of early pregnancy in Chile.