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Knowledge graph theory and structural parsing

  title={Knowledge graph theory and structural parsing},
  author={Lei Zhang},
  • Lei Zhang
  • Published 20 November 2002
  • Computer Science

On Advanced Business Simulations-Converging operational and strategic levels

A framework for advanced business simulations, which converges the two domains by utilising Ontologies and process execution data is proposed, which enables drilling down from a high level KPI perspective into the underlying operational level details to discover hidden bottlenecks and pre-emptively apply corrective actions.

Representasi Word Graph Kata Keterangan Bahasa Indonesia Menggunakan XML

This research is focused on creating a module of adverb word graph using patterns constructed by Rusiana Samba in 2010 that can be used as an input for KG viewer that can visualize word graph.

Pengembangan Sistem Pembentukan Word Graph untuk Teks Berbahasa Indonesia

In this research, a system to construct a word graph from Indonesian text is developed and the software was initially developed by Mark van Koningsveld, which is called DelftCoStruct.

The chemistry of Chinese language

Application and evaluation of knowledge graph embeddings in biomedical data

This work systematically investigated and compared state-of-the-art embedding methods based on the design settings used for training and evaluation and identified and discussed the limitations of knowledge graph-based representation learning methods and suggest some guidelines for the development of more improved methods.

Design of Intelligent Question Answering System for Hospital Online Triage based on Knowledge Graph

  • Jiahao Sun
  • Computer Science
    Highlights in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • 2022
The medical question answering system designed in this paper has a broad application prospect, and the medical knowledge map constructed in the system can also be used in more application scenarios such as medical chat robots in the future, further promoting the process of intelligence in the medical field.

Cross-Domain Transfer Learning Prediction of COVID-19 Popular Topics Based on Knowledge Graph

This paper uses the transfer learning model to apply the knowledge obtained in the source domain of Weibo to the target domain of TikTok and proposes an improved TC-LDA model to measure the similarity between the two domains, including temporal similarity and conceptual similarity, which effectively improves the learning effect of instance transfer.

RYEL: An Experimental Study in the Behavioral Response of Judges Using a Novel Technique for Acquiring Higher-Order Thinking Based on Explainable Artificial Intelligence and Case-Based Reasoning

The need for studies connecting machine explainability with human behavior is essential, especially for a detailed understanding of a human’s perspective, thoughts, and sensations according to a

Proving the Correctness of Knowledge Graph Update: A Scenario From Surveillance of Adverse Childhood Experiences

This work proposes a method to model the transformations that a knowledge graph goes through and to prove that the new transformations do not yield inconsistencies, and uses a Hoare-like verification process to prove correctness.



Word graphs: The first set

Transformational Grammar: A First Course

This chapter discusses the construction of the lexicon in the context of the WH movement and some of the phrases that formed part of that lexicon.

Word Graphs: The Second Set

In continuation of the paper of Hoede and Li on word graphs for a set of prepositions, word graphs are given for adjectives, adverbs and Chinese classifier words. It is argued that these three

Chemistry as a Language

Transition network grammars for natural language analysis

The use of augmented transition network grammars for the analysis of natural language sentences is described, and structure-building actions associated with the arcs of the grammar network allow for a powerful selectivity which can rule out meaningless analyses and take advantage of semantic information to guide the parsing.

The chemistry of Chinese language

Structural Parsing

  • C. HoedeL. Zhang
  • Linguistics, Computer Science
  • 2000
Chunk indicators in sentences are proposed to guide structural parsing, which uses traditional parsing, based on the grammar rules, to prepare the construction of a sentence graph.

Word Graphs: The Third Set

This paper proposes the concept of the logic word and classify logic words into groups in terms of semantics and the way they are used in describing reasoning processes.


  • The Netherlands,
  • 1989

The Lunar Sciences Natural Language Information System

  • BBN Report no.2378, Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Cambridge, Mass., Also available as publication N72-28984 of the US National Technical Information Service
  • 1972