Knowledge and beliefs about cancer in a socioeconomically disadvantaged population.

  title={Knowledge and beliefs about cancer in a socioeconomically disadvantaged population.},
  author={Patrick J. Loehrer and Harald Greger and Morris Weinberger and Beverly Musick and Morven Miller and Calen Nichols and Jenny Bryan and Debbie Higgs and David Brock},
  volume={68 7},
Americans living in poverty experience a higher incidence of and greater mortality from cancer than the nonpoor. At least 50% of the difference in mortality is believed to be due to delay in diagnosis, although risk-promoting lifestyles and behaviors also contribute to decreased survival. A potential exacerbating factor among the poor is inadequate information and knowledge about cancer and its treatment. Interviews were conducted with 128 cancer patients from a socioeconomically disadvantaged… CONTINUE READING

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