Knowledge Sharing by Information Retrieval in the Semantic Web

  title={Knowledge Sharing by Information Retrieval in the Semantic Web},
  author={Neyir Sevilmis and Andr{\'e} Stork and Tim Smithers and Jorge Posada and Massimiliano Pianciamore and Rui Castro and Ivan Jimenez and Gorka Marcos and Marco Mauri and Paolo Selvini and Bruno Thelen and Vincenzo Zecchino},
Effective and efficient information retrieval, knowledge sharing and combining has become an essential part of more and more professional tasks and work flows in different kinds of projects. Our aim is to investigate the use of emerging Semantic Web technologies, tools, and standards in the support of effective information retrieval in real multi-disciplinary activities, such as innovative product design. This paper presents an approach to knowledge sharing and information support that has been… CONTINUE READING