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Knowledge Production in Educational Leadership Project

  title={Knowledge Production in Educational Leadership Project},
  author={Helen M. Gunter and Gillian Forrester},
Remodeling Headteachers in England: Is it the end of educational leadership?, 11(14)
An argument is constructed that the labeling of Headteachers as managing directors, chief executives, and more recently as school leaders is central to a form of modernization that is reworking professionality as generic and business orientated.
Knowledge Mobilization and Educational Research. Edited by Tara Fenwick and Lesley Farrell
claims regarding the correctness of particular leadership structures, cultures and practices’ (p. 133). The fifth chapter maps the different ‘regimes of practice by knowledge workers’ (p. 133). First
New Labour and the logic of practice in educational reform
The paper draws on data and theorising from the Knowledge Production in Educational Leadership (KPEL) Project where we have investigated New Labour's education policy and investment in headteachers
Institutionalized Governance: The Case of the National College for School Leadership
Abstract The article is based on data from the Knowledge Production and Educational Leadership Project (funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council RES‐000-23-1192) where we investigated


Instruction to deliver : Tony Blair, public services and the challenge of achieving targets
It sounded a noble aim, for New Labour to prioritise education, education, education. The method they chose since coming to power was a relentless attempt to raise standards by an obsession with
Education PLC
  • 2007
Review Essay: Rhetoric and reality in critical educational studies in the United States
  • British Journal of Sociology of Education
  • 2006
Ideas and Social Policy: An Institutionalist Perspective
Since the beginning of the 1980s, historical institutionalism has emerged as one of the most influential theoretical perspectives in social policy studies. Although their work is insightful, most
Touching Tomorrow: Remodelling in English Schools
No abstract available.
Making Sense of Education Policy. London: PCP
  • 2002
The Managerial School
  • 2002
Policy Research in Educational Settings: Contested Terrain
Pascalian Meditations
  • 2000
An intellectual history of the field of educational management from 1960
  • 1999