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Knowledge Management: An Introduction

  title={Knowledge Management: An Introduction},
  author={Kevin C. Desouza and Scott Paquette},
PART 1: THE BASICS 1. An Introduction to Knowledge Management - Kevin C. Desouza 2. The Concept of Knowledge - Peter Baloh with Kevin C. Desouza and Scott Paquette 3. The Concept of Management - Jongmin T. Moon with Kevin C. Desouza PART 2: PROCESSES OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT 4. Knowledge Creation - Scott Paquette and Kevin C. Desouza 5. Knowledge Organization - Scott Paquette 6. Knowledge Transfer - Scott Paquette and Kevin C. Desouza 7. Knowledge Application - Chen Ye with Kevin C. Desouza and… Expand
Contextualizing organizational interventions of knowledge management systems: A design science perspective
This research addresses how individuals’ knowledge needs influence the design of knowledge management systems (KMS), enabling knowledge creation and utilization and formulation of a model for designing KMS based upon the design science paradigm. Expand
Requirement elicitation using knowledge capturing (KC) techniques during the client briefing process for improved client satisfaction in the UK construction industry
Knowledge management in recent times has been considered a major source of competitive advantage in many business organisations in which the construction industry is a major player. KnowledgeExpand
Knowledge management initiatives and managerial activities
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Impact of Knowledge Management Strategies on Organizational Performance in the Hospitality Industry of Zimbabwe
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Knowledge Management Processes: A Case Study of NTPC and POWERGRID
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Measuring Individual and Organizational Knowledge Activities in Academic Libraries with Multilevel Analysis
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Information technology and individual factors on knowledge sharing activities
The result of path analysis shows that individual factors like personality and self efficacy has more significant effect for knowledge sharing activities and from Information Technology is social media have moreificant effect between others. Expand
The individual and the collective: Factors affecting knowledge sharing in Saudi Arabian companies
A study which investigates some factors in the current state of knowledge management (KM) in Saudi Arabia and considers the relevance of the findings for KM and information sharing generally. Expand
Using ICT for knowledge transfer in small businesses: A Vietnam Case Study
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