Knowledge Graph Identification

  title={Knowledge Graph Identification},
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  • J. Pujara, H. Miao, +1 author William W. Cohen
  • Published in
    International Semantic Web…
  • Computer Science
  • Large-scale information processing systems are able to extract massive collections of interrelated facts, but unfortunately transforming these candidate facts into useful knowledge is a formidable challenge. [...] Key Method Our proposed approach uses probabilistic soft logic (PSL), a recently introduced probabilistic modeling framework which easily scales to millions of facts. We demonstrate the power of our method on a synthetic Linked Data corpus derived from the MusicBrainz music community and a real-world…Expand Abstract
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    Using Semantics & Statistics to Turn Data into Knowledge
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    Cleaning Noisy Knowledge Graphs
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    Top K Hypotheses Selection on a Knowledge Graph
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    Efficient Knowledge Graph Validation via Cross-Graph Representation Learning
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    Constructing Knowledge Graph by Extracting Correlations from Wikipedia Corpus for Optimizing Web Information Retrieval
    • A. Mirza, M. Nagori, V. Kshirsagar
    • Computer Science
    • 2018 9th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Networking Technologies (ICCCNT)
    • 2018
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