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Knowledge-Based System for Categorization and Selection of Creativity Support Techniques

  title={Knowledge-Based System for Categorization and Selection of Creativity Support Techniques},
  author={L. Botega and J. Silva},
  journal={International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management},
  • L. Botega, J. Silva
  • Published 2015
  • Computer Science
  • International Journal of Knowledge Engineering and Management
Objective: In order to maintain its market share in current competitive scenario, every design organization must enhance its creativity skills, the basis to innovate and develop adequate solutions to changing costumers’ needs. A great expertise is required to reach such creativity level, a skill currently dependent on human capability. As such knowledge is subjected to availability, the development of a computational system with the capacity of selecting appropriately creativity techniques… Expand
Knowledge-based system for categorization and selection of creativity support techniques in design
In order to maintain its market share in current competitive scenario, every design organization should enhance its creativity skills, the basis to innovate and develop adequate solutions to changingExpand
The developed prototype identifies the design team’s scenario through questions, correlating adequate creativity techniques, and investigates interface and usability aspects through questionnaires with students and design specialists. Expand


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