Knowledge, calculation, conflict, and law

  title={Knowledge, calculation, conflict, and law},
  author={N. Stephan Kinsella},
  journal={The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics},
  • N. Kinsella
  • Published 1 December 1999
  • Economics
  • The Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics
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I apply Hayek’s distinction between ‘true’ and ‘false’ individualism to methodological individualism. Hayek traced ‘false’ individualism to Cartesian rationalism; Hayek’s rejection of Mises’



Simple Rules for a Complex World

Preface Introduction: Too Many Lawyers, Too Much Law PART 1: CUTTING THROUGH COMPLEXITY 1. The Virtues of Simplicity 2. The Enemies of Simplicity PART 2: THE SIMPLE RULES 3. Autonomy and Property 4.

A Civil Law to Common Law Dictionary

LL.M. (International Business Law) (1992), University of LondonCKing’s College London; J.D. (1991), Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University; M.S. Electrical Engineering (1990), B.S.E.E.

Takings: Private Property and the Power of Eminent Domain

Philosophical Preliminaries A Tale of Two Pies Hobbesian Man, Lockean World The Integrity of Constitutional Text Takings Prima Facie Takings and Torts Partial Takings: The Unity of Ownership

Criminal Remedies: Restitution, Punishment, or Both?

We came in out of the state of nature, so the story goes, in order better to protect ourselves. There is safety in numbers, we said, and justice too. Thus we gave up (in most cases) our Lockean

Is There a Prima Facie Obligation to Obey the Law

As against this, I suggest that it is not at all obvious that there is such an obligation, that this is something that must be shown, rather than so blithely assumed. Indeed, were he uninfluenced by

Roman Law and Common Law: A Comparison in Outline

1. The sources 2. The Law of Persons 3. Law of Property 4. Limited Interests and Servitudes 5. Universal Succession 6. Obligations: General 7. Obligations: General (cont.) 8. Particular Contracts 9.

Freedom and the Law

The greatest obstacle to rule of law in our time, contends the author of this thought-provoking work, is the problem of overlegislation. In modern democratic societies, legislative bodies are

Contract Remedies and Inalienable Rights

I. Introduction Two kinds of remedies have traditionally been employed for breach of contract: legal relief and equitable relief. Legal relief normally takes the form of money damages. Equitable