Knowledge, attitude and practices related to menstruation among adolescent girls in Chennai

  title={Knowledge, attitude and practices related to menstruation among adolescent girls in Chennai},
  author={P. Seenivasan and Kamakshi Priya and C. Raja Rajeswari and C Akshaya and Gunasekaran Sabharritha and K Sowmya and Shaheena Banu},
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Background: Adolescence in girls is a special period which signifies the transition from girlhood to womanhood. Lack of good hygienic practices has increased the vulnerability to reproductive tract infections. Due to societal attitude, girls also associate a variety of negative physical and psychological changes on their body with menstruation. The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, practices and attitude related to menstruation. Methods: This cross-sectional study was carried… 

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A study on menstrual hygiene practices and problems amongst adolescent girls in Udaipur, Rajasthan, 2018

Abdominal pain was main PMS, Restrictions due to menstruation were very highly imposed and there were all chances that same types of the adsorbent were used by the adolescent girls, which was used by their mothers and sisters.

Knowledge, attitude and practice regarding menstrual hygiene among adolescent girls in Imphal East, Manipur: a cross-sectional study

Adolescent girls’ understanding of menstruation is characterized by poor knowledge and erroneous beliefs about how and why menstruation occurs, which may lead to failure in health care delivery, thereby complicating various reproductive health problems.

Management of Menstrual Hygiene among School-Going Adolescent Girls in an Informal Settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Puberty is a critical stage for key social-emotional changes and intellectual developments in the transition to adulthood. The lack of knowledge about menstruation and the inefficiency of resources

Menstrual Hygiene Management among Adolescent Girls in Tamil Nadu: A Narrative Review

A multilevel approach at the national, state, community, school, and family level including men and boys is warranted for effective menstrual hygiene management.

Indigenous Research Study to Elucidate the Barriers of Menstrual Hygiene in Adolescent School Girls of Kolar Area in Bhopal City

Menstruation is an eternal phenomenon, running since evolution still the authors have poor grip over medical impact associated with it which results into adverse health effects and the revolutionary struggle for women emancipation inevitably contain many twists and turns like several types of associated morbidities.

Menstrual Health Management among Working Women in the Formal and Informal Sectors: a Case Study inBolgatanga, Upper East Region, Ghana

Investigating the challenges faced by working women during menstruation and how these challenges affect productivity at work showed that, women within the working fraternity go through some physical challenges and encounter emotional challenges like anger, irritation and anxiety at work but such challenges were managed using medication, listening to music and taking naps.

Menstrual Hygiene Preparedness Among Schools in India: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of System-and Policy-Level Actions

A systematic review regarding the existing evidence on menstrual hygiene management (MHM) across schools in India found that MHM in schools should be strengthened with convergence between various departments for explicit implementation of guidelines.


The WASH facilities (water supply, sanitation and personal hygiene conditions) were inadequate for the rural Kenyan girls to effectively manage their menstruation.

A Study of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Regarding Menstrual Health among Adolescent Girls in North Goa

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1,2Post Graduate Student, 3Professor and Head, Department of Preventive and Social Medicine, Goa Medical College, Goa, India. DOI:



Menstrual Hygiene: Knowledge and Practice among Adolescent School Girls of Saoner, Nagpur District

A variety of factors are known to affect menstrual behaviours, the most influential being economic status and residential status (urban and rural) and awareness regarding the need for information about healthy menstrual practices is very important.

Perceptions regarding menstruation and Practices during menstrual cycles among high school going adolescent girls in resource limited settings around Bangalore city, Karnataka, India

Assessment of perceptions and practices regarding menstrual hygiene among selected high school girls in a resource limited settings in area around Bangalore city found increased knowledge about menstruation right from childhood may escalate safe practices and may help in mitigating the suffering of women.

Perceptions and practices regarding menstruation: A comparative study in urban and rural adolescent girls.

The present study was undertaken to assess the source of information regarding menstruation, reaction to first and subsequent menstruation 3) taboos and restrictions as result of menstruation and 4) hygiene practiced during menstruation.

Impact of health education on knowledge and practices about menstruation among adolescent school girls of Kalamboli Navi-Mumbai.

In the pre-test menstrual perceptions amongst them were found to be poor and practices incorrect while in the post-test there was a significant difference in the level of knowledge (P 0.05).

Menstrual Practices and Reproductive Problems

Regression analysis in this study identified schooling, residential status, occupation of father, caste and exposure to media to be the major predictors of safe menstrual practices among adolescent girls in Rajasthan.

Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs about menarche of adolescent girls in Anand district, Gujarat.

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A questionnaire survey of knowledge, attitudes and beliefs towards menstruation was made in 22 schools in Anand district, Gujarat state, India, finding that many schoolgirls had not been informed about menarche before its onset and felt they were not mentally prepared.

Variation in the menstrual characteristics in adolescents of West Bengal.

Menstrual characteristics vary among the adolescents of different age groups, and some of the menstrual characteristics can be predicted by some socioeconomic factors and other menstrual variables.

A Cross-sectional Study on Awareness Regarding Safe and Hygienic Practices amongst School Going Adolescent Girls in Rural Area of Wardha District, India

Of the girls who developed genital tract infections, 66% used cloth, and Cleanliness of external genitalia was unsatisfactory, Hence it is important to educate the girls with scientific knowledge and dispelling their myths and misconceptions thereby encouraging safe and hygienic practices for safeguarding themselves against various infections.

Menstrual Hygiene: How Hygienic is the Adolescent Girl?

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Educational television programmes, trained school nurses/health personnel, motivated school teachers and knowledgeable parents can play a very important role in transmitting the vital message of correct menstrual hygiene to the adolescent girl of today.