Knowledge, Attitudes and Breast Cancer Screening Practices among Market Women in Thika Town, Kiambu County, Kenya

  title={Knowledge, Attitudes and Breast Cancer Screening Practices among Market Women in Thika Town, Kiambu County, Kenya},
  author={Grace Ndwiga and Eliab Seroney Some and Mbaruk A. Suleiman},
  journal={International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications (IJSRP)},
Introduction: Breast cancer is one of the commonest cancers among women in Kenya. Screening of the cancer is done through self-breast examination, clinical breast examination, and mammography. The success in the management of breast cancer is essentially dependent on the stage at which the cancer is diagnosed and therefore screening is helpful at identifying the disease in the early stages. The study aimed at assessing knowledge, attitudes and breast cancer screening practices among women in… 

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Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Women Towards Breast Cancer in Benin City, Nigeria

The result shows that while substantial number still remains ignorant of breast cancer issues, a good number of those who have knowledge were yet to translate knowledge and attitudes into practice, and practice of early detection strategies was significantly associated with knowledge.

Breast cancer awareness, attitude and screening practices in Nigeria: A systematic review

Electronic media and television were the leading sources of information on breast cancer in Nigeria, while use of leaflets and internet were unpopular in this regard, and deficiency in screening practices was showed even among those who were aware of the screening methods.

Breast Cancer Knowledge, Beliefs, and Screening Practices among Women Seeking Care at District Hospitals in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Analysis of breast cancer knowledge, screening practices, and educational preferences among outpatients at Tanzanian government-supported hospitals reveals incomplete breast cancer awareness amongTanzanian women and promises to inform development of user-focused educational resources.

A Cross Sectional Study of the Knowledge and Practice of Self-Breast Examination among Market Women at the Makola Shopping Mall, Accra, Ghana

Continuous education on breast cancer screening should be given to the women to enable them acquire the skills of performing self-breast examination to promote early detection of the disease.

Knowledge, barriers and attitudes towards breast cancer mammography screening in jordan.

BACKGROUND Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer in Jordan. Current efforts are focused on annual campaigns aimed at increasing awareness about breast cancer and encouraging women to

Awareness and Practice of Breast Self-Examination among Market Women in Abakaliki, South East Nigeria

There was a low level ofawareness of BSE among market women in Abakiliki, and there is a need to increase the level of awareness through campaigns, however, there was no statistical significant difference between participants age and awareness of Bse.

Uptake of Cervical Cancer Screening and Associated Factors among Women in Rural Uganda: A Cross Sectional Study

The prevalence of cervical cancer screening is very low in rural Uganda and interventions to increase uptake should be implemented so as to improve access to the service in rural areas.

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice of Women towards Breast Cancer and Its Screening: Babol City, Iran – 2017

Survey of women's knowledge, attitude and practice about breast cancer and its screening tests in Babol city found no significant relationship between the presence of cancer in relatives with knowledge, attitudes, and practice of the women.

Study of the Determinants of the Use of Breast Cancer Screening in Women 35 to 65 Years in the Region of Thies (Senegal)

Level of education, knowledge, attitudes and practice on breast cancer and having received screening advice are factors to consider in improving the rate of breast cancer screening in Thies, and the most important remains public awareness.

A survey of knowledge and attitudes relating to cervical and breast cancer among women in Ethiopia

Lack of cancer awareness, and lack of education in general, are the most potent barriers to access and care, and should be addressed through multi-faceted strategies including peer-education, mass media and other community-based interventions.