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Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hepatitis B Virus and Its Vaccination Among Health Care Professionals in Selected Public Hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  title={Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hepatitis B Virus and Its Vaccination Among Health Care Professionals in Selected Public Hospitals of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia},
  author={Gashu Afework},
A thesis paper submitted to the department of Pharmaceutics and Social Pharmacy presented in partial fulfillment of Master of Science (MSc.) in Pharmacoepidemiology and Social Pharmacy 
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Type of workplace and experience of seeing/observing patients with HBV, and income were the predictors of WTP for HBV vaccination. Expand
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The national full-dose hepatitis B virus vaccination coverage among health care workers in Ethiopia was low and training in infection prevention and testing and providing hepatitis B vaccination for newly recruited staff and every 5 years for those long-term workers were recommended to increase the uptake of the vaccine. Expand


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This study investigated the vaccination practices and the prevalence of HBV infection in HCWs in India and found that a proportion of HCWs never get vaccinated. Expand
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The recent creation of occupational health services in hospital facilities should contribute to improve working conditions, provide for mandatory vaccination of hospital employees against viral hepatitis B, and improve and increase information and education on hazards related to occupational blood exposures for healthcare personnel. Expand
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Medical staff members had better knowledge about hepatitis B than the paramedical staff and the positive attitude toward vaccination among the medical staff is more than that of the paramedicals staff. Expand
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There is a low level of hepatitis B vaccination and no post exposure prophylaxis among health workers in UNTH, Enugu due to poor perception of the risk of contracting this infection and non-availability of the vaccines. Expand
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Hematitis B vaccination coverage among health care workers is low in Burkina Faso, hence the need to promote vaccination against HBV in health facilities, and anti-HBs antibodies, markers of immune status are found. Expand
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Overall knowledge were inadequate and behaviour and attitude towards clinical practices were found compromised and effort should be focused to establish effective infection control program and training of staff. Expand
Prevalence of Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) among visitors of Shashemene General Hospital voluntary counseling and testing center
The prevalence of HBsAg in HIV negative subjects is high enough to warrant a recommendation to screen all clients at VCT centers irrespective of HIV status, and significantly high prevalence was observed among individuals who had history of invasive procedures. Expand
Knowledge, attitude, and practice of Iranian surgeons about blood-borne diseases.
Iranian surgeons are not aware of the correct percentage of infected patients with and seroconversion rate of blood-borne diseases,Do not use double gloves adequately, do not report their needlestick injuries, vaccinate against HB, and check anti-HBs after vaccination. Expand
Knowledge of Hepatitis B Vaccine among Operating Room Personnel in Nigeria and Their Vaccination Status
Despite a good knowledge about HBV infection and vaccine, most of operating room personnel (ORP) in Nigeria are still not vaccinated, hence putting surgical patients at reduced risk. Expand
Hepatitis B immunization in healthcare workers
A fair proportion of fully vaccinated HCWs can have low titers to protect them against HBV infection, and measuring anti-HBs titer, administering a booster dose, and offering general screening for HBs antigen should be made compulsory for HCWs. Expand