Knight Errant, Cold Warrior or Cautious Ally? Canada on the United Nations Security Council, 1948–1949

  title={Knight Errant, Cold Warrior or Cautious Ally? Canada on the United Nations Security Council, 1948–1949},
  author={H. Mackenzie},
  journal={Journal of Transatlantic Studies},
  • H. Mackenzie
  • Published 30 November 2009
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Transatlantic Studies
Canada’s self-image in world affairs has been as a bold internationalist, with its status and responsibility as a middle power and its role as a mediator emphasised. Assessments highlight the transformation of Canada’s international relations after the Second World War and contrast its engagement in the United Nations with its performance at the League of Nations. Curiously, these appraisals ignore Canada’s first term on the UN Security Council (1948–1949), particularly its response to crises… Expand
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