Knight's Move at Drvar: Ultra and the Attempt on Tito's Life, 25 May 1944

  title={Knight's Move at Drvar: Ultra and the Attempt on Tito's Life, 25 May 1944},
  author={R. Bennett},
  journal={Journal of Contemporary History},
  pages={195 - 208}
  • R. Bennett
  • Published 1987
  • Political Science
  • Journal of Contemporary History
When its Sixth Offensive (as Tito and the Partisans called it) faltered during the winter of 1943-4, the German High Command began to realise that it was losing the initiative in Jugoslavia. Tito, his staff and large bodies of Partisans had repeatedly escaped from every trap that had been laid, and all efforts to destroy them had come to nothing. Increasing Anglo-American pressure in Italy (the assault on Cassino and the Gustav Line began on 11 May; Rome fell on 4 June) and the Russian advances… Expand
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Influence without power: the last Khedive of Egypt and the great powers, 1914–18
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KV 4788, signalled at dawn on 22 May
    References in this form are to Ultra signals. If, as seems likely, the German was 'mit allen Kraften', then a better translation might be 'with all their might
    • KV 3013
    This was confirmed at the Anglo-Jugoslav Colloquium by British and Jugoslav officers who had been in or near Drvar at the time