Kluyveromyces nonfermentans sp. nov., a new yeast species isolated from the deep sea.

  title={Kluyveromyces nonfermentans sp. nov., a new yeast species isolated from the deep sea.},
  author={T Nagahama and M Hamamoto and T Nakase and K Horikoshi},
  journal={International journal of systematic bacteriology},
  volume={49 Pt 4},
  • T Nagahama, M Hamamoto, +1 author K Horikoshi
  • Published 1999 in International journal of systematic bacteriology
Eleven strains of a new species of the genus Kluyveromyces, characterized as having evanescent asci and Q-6 as the major ubiquinone, were isolated from sediments, a clam and a crab collected at depths of 1000-2000 m in Suruga Bay and Sagami Bay, Japan. A phylogenetic tree based on small-subunit (18S) rRNA gene sequences placed these isolates into a cluster of Kluyveromyces. DNA complementarity and phylogenetic trees of internal transcribed spacer (ITS) regions and 5.8S rRNA genes showed that… CONTINUE READING


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