Klebsiella Pneumoniae Associated Extreme Plasmacytosis

  title={Klebsiella Pneumoniae Associated Extreme Plasmacytosis},
  author={Yeonsook Moon and Woo Ri Jang and Hyeon Gyu Yi and In Seo Park and Chung Hyun Nahm and Jong Weon Choi and Jin Ju Kim and Seung Baik Han},
  booktitle={Infection & chemotherapy},
Infection-associated plasmacytosis is not uncommon; however, marked plasmacytosis in both peripheral blood and bone marrow that mimicks plasma cell leukemia is a very rare condition. We encountered a case of extreme plasmacytosis associated with Klebsiella pneumoniae sepsis in an aplastic anemia patient. A 42-year-old man presented with high fever of 5 days… CONTINUE READING