Klarius Mikkelsen's 1935 landing in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica: some fiction and some facts

  title={Klarius Mikkelsen's 1935 landing in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica: some fiction and some facts},
  author={F. I. Norman and John A. E. Gibson and J. S. Burgess},
  journal={Polar Record},
  pages={293 - 304}
Abstract Exploratory activities of Norwegians, particularly those directed by Lars Christensen, off eastern Antarctica are discussed briefly in relation to contemporary Antarctic investigations and politics. The interests of Norway there and Christensen's role in establishing an understanding of the local coastline are indicated. Particular attention is paid to the landing made by Klarius Mikkelsen in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica, on 20 February 1935. Note is taken of the site's recent… 
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Opdagelsen Av Ingrid Christensen Land

Den 4. februar ankom M/S »Thorshavn« til fl.k. »Solglimt« og fortoide langs siden. Den 5. februar matte lossingen avbrytes pa grunn av darlige vaerforhold, som hindret videre ekspedisjon av