Klüver-Bucy syndrome after left anterior temporal resection.


A 70-year-old right-handed woman developed a complete Klüver-Bucy syndrome including psychic blindness, aberrant sexual behavior, hypermetamorphosis, aphasia and visual agnosia following left anterior temporal lobectomy for an anaplasic oligodendroglioma. MRI showed no argument for a contralateral ischemic infarct, tumoral growth or white matter damage. Thus the possibility that a unilateral anterior temporal lesion can cause the whole picture of Klüver-Bucy syndrome must therefore be considered.

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@article{GhikaSchmid1995KlverBucySA, title={Kl{\"{u}ver-Bucy syndrome after left anterior temporal resection.}, author={F Ghika-Schmid and G Assal and N De Tribolet and F Regli}, journal={Neuropsychologia}, year={1995}, volume={33 1}, pages={101-13} }