Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis as a reference method for protein determination in dairy products.

  title={Kjeldahl nitrogen analysis as a reference method for protein determination in dairy products.},
  author={Joanna M Lynch and David M. Barbano},
  journal={Journal of AOAC International},
  volume={82 6},
  • J. Lynch, D. Barbano
  • Published 1 November 1999
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of AOAC International
Measurement of total nitrogen by Kjeldahl analysis is the historical reference method for determination of the protein content of dairy products and is used for both calibration and validation of alternative methods for protein determination. Accurate evaluation of alternative methods is not possible if there is large uncertainty regarding the reference values. When Kjeldahl analysis is used to establish reference values, the performance of the Kjeldahl testing must be verified and within… 

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Evaluation of a rapid protein analyzer for determination of protein in milk and cream.

Overall, there exists a sufficient level of agreement between the Sprint rapid protein analyzer and Kjeldahl method for true protein and CP measurement of milk and cream samples.

An Overview of the Kjeldahl Method of Nitrogen Determination. Part II. Sample Preparation, Working Scale, Instrumental Finish, and Quality Control

The Kjeldahl method was introduced in 1883 and consists of three main steps: sample digestion, distillation, and ammonia determination (titration being the primary method). The Kjeldahl method uses

Comparison of analytical and predictive methods for water, protein, fat, sugar, and gross energy in marine mammal milk.

The CHN (Dumas) combustion method and calculation of gross energy are acceptable analytical approaches for marine mammal milk, but fat and sugar require separate analysis by appropriate analytic methods and cannot be adequately estimated by carbon stoichiometry.

An Overview of the Kjeldahl Method of Nitrogen Determination. Part I. Early History, Chemistry of the Procedure, and Titrimetric Finish

In 1883 Kjeldahl devised a method for the determination of nitrogen, which has become a classical measurement in analytical chemistry and has been used extensively over the past 130 years. In the

Total Protein Methods and Their Potential Utility to Reduce the Risk of Food Protein Adulteration.

It is concluded that some existing highly selective methods for food protein measurement have potential for routine quality control, but their successful implementation will require matrix-specific validation and the use of supporting reference materials.

A proficiency test system to improve performance of milk analysis methods and produce reference values for component calibration samples for infrared milk analysis.

It is demonstrated that monthly proficiency testing sample exchanges have the added benefit of producing all-laboratory mean reference values for a set of 14 milks that can be used for calibration, evaluation, and troubleshooting of calibration adjustment issues on infrared milk analyzers.

Whey Protein Powder Analysis by Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy

Doping experiments revealed that as protein amounts were increased, the amide I/II peak shape changed from the broad protein powder peaks to the narrower peaks characteristic of the individual protein, suggesting that MIR spectroscopy can provide product quality assurance complementary to dairy protein measurement by the KM.

Modification of the Kjeldahl noncasein nitrogen method to include bovine milk concentrates and milks from other species.

The results of this study will be used as the basis for proposed changes in the official methods for measurement of the casein content of milk to expand the scope of the method so it can be used to achieve accurate results for milk concentrates and milks of other species.

Measurement of casein in milk by Kjeldahl and sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

Our objectives were to determine if milk casein as a percentage of true protein (CN%TP) estimated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE) is equivalent to CN%TP



Dairy chemistry and physics

Milk and products made from it affect the lives of a large proportion of the world’s population. Many dairy products are consumed at times and in places far removed from the point at which the milk

The Kjeldahl Method for Organic Nitrogen

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