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Kirlian Images in Medical Diagnosis: A Survey

  title={Kirlian Images in Medical Diagnosis: A Survey},
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
The human body emits various radiations such as electromagnetic radiation, infrared, low level visible light and ultra-violet radiation. There are various equipments to measure these radiations. One among them is Kirlian photography which is said to be high voltage electro photography. In this paper a survey of literature based on Kirlian images are carried out. The various processing of Kirlian images such as the application of Kirlian images in diagnosing diseases, the use of machine learning… 

Preliminary study of Kirlian image in digital electrophotonic imaging and its applications

To simplify the procedure of blob extraction for Kirlian effect digitally to defines four (4) parameters as the image feature, subsequently introduce it as Kirlia ‘digital signature’.

A Novel Methodology for Disease Identification Using Metaheuristic Algorithm and Aura Image

This article presents a methodology using Image processing techniques, where Bivariate Gaussian Mixture Model (BGMM) is considered as a classifier to identify the diseases in humans based on the energy distribution to exhibit recognition accuracy at 90%.


A novel approach for the detection of human bio- field using image processing techniques, by defining new Color space is discussed, to reduce the computational and hardware costs in bio-field detection and interpretation.

Enhanced Region-specific Algorithm: Image Quality Analysis for Digital Kirlian Effect

  • R. A. LeeJanifal Alipal
  • Computer Science
    2019 IEEE 15th International Colloquium on Signal Processing & Its Applications (CSPA)
  • 2019
The quality of processed digital effect under ERS algorithm are in lower MSE and higher PSNR with its correlation coefficient to its original image better than segmented and binary slices.

Future Trends of Artificial Intelligence in Human Biofield

This research article deals with the description of hitherto journey of biofield, including its concepts, imaging and applications and imparts the need of Artificial intelligence stating new opportunities and challenges associated with it.


A number of positive applications of AI to the biofield to enhance human well-being are possible, but the presence of a biofield around humans presents a dilemma for AI robots, which would not possess a bio field other than the electromagnetic properties of their electronic 1.


Human mind is a complex network of neurons working through the electromagnetic impulses and radiations. These are subtle energies whose balance affects the overall well-being of the person. Plants

Evaluation of Thermal and Physical Properties of Magnesium Nitride Powder: Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment

Magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) has gained extensive attention due to its catalytic and optoelectronic properties. The present investigation was aimed to evaluate the effect of biofield energy treatment on

Title Evaluation of Thermal and Physical Properties of Magnesium Nitride Powder : Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment Permalink

Magnesium nitride (Mg3N2) has gained extensive attention due to its catalytic and optoelectronic properties. The present investigation was aimed to evaluate the effect of biofield energy treatment on



Could Aura Images Can Be Treated as Medical Images

The main focus of this paper is to exemplify the role of aura image in medical diagnosis and shows that the state of imbalanced energy in the concerned organs may leads to cause diseases.

Understanding Abnormal Energy Levels in Aura Images

The results show the effectiveness of the aura in diagnosing diseases and abnormal energy levels in the body which will/may lead to diseases are understood.

Bioenergy based Medical Diagnostic Application based on Gas Discharge Visualization

The possibilities of providing holistic medical screening through measurement of bioenergy fields which have both biophysical and biophysic bearings are demonstrated.

Genetic Algorithm Based Heuristic Measure for Pattern Similarity in Kirlian Photographs

This paper presents the use of a genetic algorithm based heuristic measure for quantifying perceptable similarity of visual patterns by the example of Kirlian photographs, and shows that the ranking of the proposed heuristicMeasure is able to reflect the apparent visual similarity ranking ofKirlian patterns.

Gas Discharge Visualization: An Imaging and Modeling Tool for Medical Biometrics

The need for automated identification of a disease makes the issue of medical biometrics very current in our society. Not all biometric tools available provide real-time feedback. We introduce gas

Early detection of diabetics using features obtained from Kirlian images

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Kirlian Image Preprocessing Diagnostic System

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Machine learning and GDV images: Diagnosis and therapy verification

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Measuring Energy Fields

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