Kirkpatrick¿Baez microfocusing optics for thermal neutrons

  title={Kirkpatrick¿Baez microfocusing optics for thermal neutrons},
  author={Gene Emery Ice and C R Hubbard and Ben C Larson and J. W L Pang and John D Budai and Stephen Spooner and Sven C. Vogel},
Abstract Kirkpatrick–Baez neutron supermirrors can efficiently focus neutron beams into small areas with a maximum divergence that is limited by the mirror critical angle. The size of the focal spot is primarily determined by geometrical demagnification of the source and by figure errors in the mirror shape. Ray-tracing calculations show that high-performance Kirkpatrick–Baez supermirrors can preserve neutron-source brilliance when focusing down to tens of microns and can focus approximately… CONTINUE READING