Kirigami-based Elastic Metamaterials with Anisotropic Mass Density for Subwavelength Flexural Wave Control

  title={Kirigami-based Elastic Metamaterials with Anisotropic Mass Density for Subwavelength Flexural Wave Control},
  author={Rui Zhu and Hiromi Yasuda and G. L. Huang and J. Yang},
  journal={Scientific Reports},
A novel design of an elastic metamaterial with anisotropic mass density is proposed to manipulate flexural waves at a subwavelength scale. The three-dimensional metamaterial is inspired by kirigami, which can be easily manufactured by cutting and folding a thin metallic plate. By attaching the resonant kirigami structures periodically on the top of a host plate, a metamaterial plate can be constructed without any perforation that degrades the strength of the pristine plate. An analytical model… 

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