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Kino Extracts have Anti-Giardial Activity and Inhibit Caco 2 and HeLa Cancer Cell Proliferation

  title={Kino Extracts have Anti-Giardial Activity and Inhibit Caco 2 and HeLa Cancer Cell Proliferation},
  author={Joseph Shalom and Paran Rayan and Reece Courtney and Pauline Ann McDonnell and Ian Edwin Cock},
Introduction: Terminalia ferdinandiana Exell. is an endemic Australian plant which is known for its exceptionally high antioxidant content. The fruit is a nutritional food and the leaves and kinos were used in Australian Aboriginal medicine to treat a variety of diseases. However, T. ferdinandiana kinos remain largely unexamined for their medicinal properties. Methods: Solvent extracts were prepared from T. ferdinandiana kinos and their antiproliferative activities against G. duodenalis and… Expand

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