Kinked DNA in crystalline complex with EcoRI endonuclease

  title={Kinked DNA in crystalline complex with EcoRI endonuclease},
  author={Christin A. Frederick and John Grable and Michael T. Melia and Cleopas Samudzi and Linda Jen-Jacobson and Bi-Cheng Wang and Patricia Greene and Herbert W. Boyer and John M. Rosenberg},
The 3 Å electron density map of a co-crystalline recognition complex between EcoRI endonuclease and the oligonucleotide TCGCGAATTCGCG reveals that a tight, complementary interface between the enzyme and the major groove of the DNA is the major determinant of sequence specificity. The DNA contains a torsional kink and other departures from the B conformation which unwind the DNA and thereby widen the major groove in the recognition site. 

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