Kink–antikink scattering-induced breathing bound states and oscillons in a parametrized ϕ4 model

  title={Kink–antikink scattering-induced breathing bound states and oscillons in a parametrized ϕ4 model},
  author={F. Naha Nzoupe and Alain M. Dikand'e and Cl{\'e}ment Tchawoua},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
Recent studies have emphasized the important role that a shape deformability of scalar-field models pertaining to the same class with the standard [Formula: see text] field, can play in controlling the production of a specific type of breathing bound states so-called oscillons. In the context of cosmology, the built-in mechanism of oscillons suggests that they can affect the standard picture of scalar ultra-light dark matter. In this paper, kink scatterings are investigated in a parametrized… 

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