Kinin B1 receptor antagonists with multi-enzymatic resistance properties.

  title={Kinin B1 receptor antagonists with multi-enzymatic resistance properties.},
  author={Witold A. Neugebauer and Paul A Blais and St{\'e}phanie Hall{\'e} and Catherine Filteau and Domenico Regoli and Fernand Gobeil},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={80 4},
The kinin B, receptor has been implicated in a variety of pathological states; therefore, potent, selective, and specific antagonists with prolonged duration of action in vivo are needed. Using R-715 (AcLys[D-beta-Nal(7),Ile(8)] desArg9BK) as a template, new peptides containing alpha-MePhe in position 5, Oic in position 2, and AcOrn instead of AcLys at the N-terminal were prepared and tested for their antagonist potency, their selectivity, and their specificity for the kinin B1 receptor. In… CONTINUE READING
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