Kinetics of protein substrate degradation by HslUV.

  title={Kinetics of protein substrate degradation by HslUV.},
  author={Ae-Ran Kwon and Christine B. Trame and David B. McKay},
  journal={Journal of structural biology},
  volume={146 1-2},
The HslUV protease-chaperone complex degrades specific protein substrates in an ATP-dependent reaction. Current models propose that the HslU chaperone, a AAA protein of the Clp/Hsp100 family, binds and unfolds substrates and translocates the polypeptide into the catalytic cavity of the HslV protease. These processes are being characterized using substrates that are targeted to HslUV with a carboxy-terminal fusion of the natural substrate SulA or the carboxy-terminal 11 amino acid residues… CONTINUE READING


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