Kinetics of p53 binding to promoter sites in vivo.

  title={Kinetics of p53 binding to promoter sites in vivo.},
  author={Suzanne T. Szak and Deborah J. Mays and Jennifer A. Pietenpol},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={21 10},
Downstream target genes of p53 are thought to mediate its tumor-suppressive activity, but it is unknown whether differential transactivation of these genes is regulated at the level of p53 binding to their promoters. To address this issue, p53 binding in vivo to consensus sites in the p21(Waf1), MDM2, and PIG3 promoters was investigated in cells exposed to adriamycin (ADR) or ionizing radiation as well as in an inducible p53 cell line. p53-DNA complexes were cross-linked in vivo by treating the… CONTINUE READING