Kinetics of non-isothermal decomposition of cinnamic acid

  title={Kinetics of non-isothermal decomposition of cinnamic acid},
  author={Ming-rui Zhao and Zhen-li Qi and F. Chen and Xia-xin Yue},
  journal={Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A},
The thermal stability and kinetics of decomposition of cinnamic acid were investigated by thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry at four heating rates. The activation energies of this process were calculated from analysis of TG curves by methods of Flynn-Wall-Ozawa, Doyle, Distributed Activation Energy Model, Šatava-Šesták and Kissinger, respectively. There are only one stage of thermal decomposition process in TG and two endothermic peaks in DSC. For this decomposition process… Expand

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