Kinetics of human lymphocyte division and chromosomal radiosensitivity.

  title={Kinetics of human lymphocyte division and chromosomal radiosensitivity.},
  author={N{\'e}stor O. Bianchi and Martha Susana Bianchi and Marcelo Luis Larramendy},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={63 2},
Human blood from normal donors was irradiated with 200 R during the Go phase, and the X-ray sensitivity of early and late dividing lymphocytes in culture was expressed as percentage of induced dicentrics. Cells in first or subsequent divisions were individualized by BrdU-Giemsa techniques. Lymphocytes in the first division at 40, 44 and 72 h after the start of culture had a lower sensitivity to radiation than lymphocytes making their first division at 48, 52 and 56 h. It was observed that: (a… CONTINUE READING